• We Privide the best service for business.

    Create a new ecology of intelligent logistics
    Making smart equipment easier.

  • We Privide the best service for business.

    Jematic ensures through its own advanced system, Ensure a 24 x 7 hour continuous fault free running system.
    Making smart equipment easier.

Welcome to Jematic

JEMATIC is the world's leading automation and intelligent system integrator.

Automatic storage solution

Highly Dynamic, Energy-Efficient Storage and Retrieval System.

Automatic sorting solution

With increasing labour costs and supply chain pressures for faster, more accurate Or responsive operations, automated sortation systems.

Information system

Jematic on a unified platform that provides a holistic approach to automation spanning controls and software.

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Create a new ecology of intelligent logistics.

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Jematic company dynamic, industry information.

18 Dec, 2017

In November 16, 2017, CJ Rong logistics in Shanghai headquarters held Malu TES innovation center "celebration, and it is also the first logistics R & D center abroad.

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11 Nov, 2017

In November 11, 2017, the dual stable operation of JEMATIC maintenance and maintenance of Mark Wafi logistics center in Shanghai electric business base

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30 APr, 2017

When the 00:00 came in November 11th, Tmall's trading volume soared, and the order data came to the logistics distribution center,Express delivery to all parts of the country.

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